Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it true that when all you want to do is sleep, you're depressed?
When you're at your happiest, you're sleeping.
Maybe I'm just thinking this way because my eyes are swollen.
He's addicted to heroine.
So I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid I'll dream of him dying.
No one reads this so it my mind outlet.
My head is heavy.
My lips are scabbing.
My heart is skipping.
I'm sick.
It makes it worse because everyone tells me there's nothing I can do and I know it's true.
I guess I could go sit on a couch somewhere else,
Surrounded by people who have no idea,
Who have their own problems and can still fake happiness like I can.
I want someone to just spill their guts to me.
I want to worry about someone's life rather than my own.
My life is easy.
I want my mind to shut the fuck up.

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